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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Is Around the Corner

 Lots of talk about the first day of spring being near. Just talk. March came in like a lamb. I'm guessing that means more snow.
So, above is a lovely shot of snow. Snow in early March. Looks cold and white. It is currently snowing outside now. Adding to the above picture.

Now we have a picture of a white dog in the snow. Still cold and white. You can find me next to the wood stove, until the white stuff begins to melt.
I am dreaming of warm sunny days, punctuated by cool rainy days, gardens full of greens and the joy of pulling carrots at the end of a lovely summer.
 I am happy to keep the white dog, the cold, white stuff can go.
How will you be marking the end of this winter?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Special Surprises

 I got a call from someone I'd not heard from in years. She was cleaning out a relative's home and had thought of me! Perhaps I might want some items still too good to toss? What would you say? Of course! What a privilege. How thoughtful!

 When we finally met up she said she had three small boxes. Well, the boxes weren't so small!  They were full of a great variety of vintage treasures. Above are tea towels, aprons, and pillow cases, as well as that wonderful runner with heavy embroidery.

             Here are some of the lace and crocheted pieces and a few hankies.

 A cotton collar, gloves, full slip and a few crocheted bodices from old slips or nighties.

 An old Colliers volume with heavily textured cover, some vintage cards, shelf paper and a wee book from China. I love the graphics on the tack boxes. The long red tube out front is actually a firecracker from Amway with two unused lip balms inside!

 Some kitchen treasures:  an egg lifter with red wooden handle, some celluloid handled cutlery, a strainer and tin scoop and a enamel scoop, and some measuring spoons. The piece at the top appears to have come from an old gramophone.

     Pretty pieces of porcelain. Some perfect, some no so perfect.

 An advertising mirror, silhouettes coasters, incomplete nesting dolls, flower frogs and a clock crystal. Such fun!

 Salt sellers anyone? A wonderful metal box, cheese keeper and press-mitt.

            A doll's dress and some lovely old polka dotted lace yardage.

                                                   More box love. Worn but lovely.

 A set of children's toy dishes, made in Japan. The cutlery is made in Germany and has a teddy bear on the handle.

The box top is most interesting. It outlines clearly how to go about having a good and proper tea party. There were a few other items but they will make the perfect gifts for some special people.  Thank you!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Little Mister, One More Time

 Little Mister is feeling much, much better. He still has only one good eye, however he is standing up straight, tail up and happy to explore. He even found a good spot to hang out for a good view of his little world.
Son number three was home for the weekend. Good thing he likes birds.

                                               Odelia is quite intrigued by the little rooster.

Little Mister has found his voice again too.  After all this adventure it was time for a much needed nap, in the safety of the bathroom.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Little Mister

 Little Mister is one of our "new" Chantecler chicks, hatched out last summer.  He  started to crow long before he even looked like a rooster. He crowed any time of day and always to say hello. There was one weekend when Joshua was doing some car repairs in the garage, where the babies spent their time when the weather was poorly, and he was serenaded the whole time by Little Mister.

Around Christmas it was time to introduce the babies tot he coop and the rest of the birds. Oh, they knew each other already however it take times to get the pecking order readjusted.
Little Mister came out at the bottom, smaller than the other roosters and so his crowing ceased and desisted. They made him sleep in a nesting box and then under one of the perches- he got pooped on a lot.
The other day we were met at the door by a small, bloodied rooster. It was time to step  in.

              A good bath and some spa time next to the wood stove cleaned him up.

                          Odelia was quite interested in the new house guest.

Little Mister, all cleaned up. Standing tall and proud. He is currently living in the our downstairs bathroom. Quite comfy, with his own log to perch on and plenty of water and food. He no longer has to wait for everyone else to eat first or fight to survive. He is now blind in one eye so Marty will build him his own little tractor away from the other birds.
He crows every morning at 6:30. Sounds funny coming  from within the house! Rather freaks the dogs out.

Friday, February 13, 2015

A Gathering Of Glasses

 I was puttering yesterday and putting stuff away and reorganising some things. I came across this box of glasses and had fun going through it again, remembering some of the plans I have for them.  It amazes me that I have acquired such a variety over several decades of thrifting.

I fell in love with old glasses when I was young and received my grandmother's first pair of glasses. The tiny case, the fragile wee glasses and even the wipe was still there.  I've still got them in her "memory box."

 Lots of fun cases. Let them snap shut and it hurts your finger! Some of these still have their glasses in them.
                                                           Pince Nez anyone?

                                  Tinted, cracked and rusty. What's not to love?

                                                                 Funky Plastic.

                              Long skinny case with baby fine wire glasses. Amazing.

Special glasses with extra lenses on them. I don't know what they were used for, but once again we have an example of an interesting box or package holding a special treasure.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


 It began as a pleasant morning. Cold and crisp but the sky was blue and there was sunshine.

 Before noon I stepped out to get the mail. Temperatures have dropped and it's snowing! The weather is reporting an "extreme cold warning" for the rest of the day.

                                It's a long walk back to the house, when it's cold.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Odelia & Her Fuzzy Blanket

 For the  Grow Your Blog post go HERE.  Thank you so much for dropping by.

Odelia made this lovely faux fur throw hers when it arrived several years ago. We, as a family, enjoyed snuggling under it for movie nights. It was once a great and luxurious find from Winners during a deep discount sale.
 It has been washed and washed and washed and now it's days are numbered. Recently I pulled the backing off of it and cut it in half.  She's okay with that, it is easier to drag around.

                 At this point it may not make through the wash cycle.

This is what it originally looked like.   Not quite single bed sized but certainly generous.  This one is Aaron's, safely tucked UNDER his bedspread. Odelia can't get at this one.
Stay warm and cosy. Spring IS on its way.

Monday, February 2, 2015

And Three Makes It A Collection

 I did a little research to identify my new tile and found that this one is T98, from Spring 2002, "Tulip Scarlet- Seduction of Colour."

 This was the first one I found, years ago. It is T21, from 1998, "Trans, A Concerto invitation. centuries old, inscribed on a Venetian wall."

 And this lovely piece, "P&A" T51, 2000, "Spring, Eternal renewal of the seasons."

Here are my three Sid Dickens tiles all gathered together. They actually go perfectly with the colours in our bedroom. Bedspread in the background.
I've admired these tiles, every time I have seen the wall of the Sid Dickens tiles for sale at Mrs McGarrigles.  You just never know what will turn up at Goodwill.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Some New Finds

                                           ** For the Grow Your Blog Post go HERE**

This week yielded some lovely vintage surprises.  A wonderful Sid Dickens wall tile and a fabulous Doulton Toby mug of Athos, one of the three Musketeers. The mug reminded me of the first old doll my mom bought. It was actually a doll made from a Toby mug of another Musketeer. The head was the mug, the body a wire armature covered and dressed with lush and rich antique fabrics.  It has long been sold but I think I have a picture of it somewhere.  I now have three Sid Dickens pieces, all thrifted.

                                 This little plate is hand painted. I loved the naive imagery.

                                                   A sweet cache of antique tins.

 This stole my heart as soon as I saw it. It reminds me of my three boys when they were very young.

Growing up there was a wonderful plaster relief of angels that hung in our room. It was under curved glass and had a pink plaster frame. At some point the frame was broken or the glass did, but anyway, it was re-framed in a black wooden shadowbox.  Someday I would love to better frame it up,  should it ever come my way.

                                  In the mean time this one awaits some proper framing too.

It is always a happy to find a beloved Raggedy Ann! She never fails to bring a smile after all these many years since her creation/patent in 1915!  Truly timeless.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grow Your Blog 2015

 Welcome to the third annual "Grow Your Blog" curated by Vicki Boster of 2 Bags Full. Do pop over to visit her and see her lovely knitted creations and fabulous fibre nests as well as links to the other bloggers taking part this year.

This is my first time participating. Welcome to my blog! My name is Jennifer and I live in Eastern Ontario, Canada. I've been blogging for 8 years now. Hard to believe it has been that long! A friend convinced me to give it a try so we could keep track of each other's life as I had moved away. Back then it was something my mom looked at daily. Now I have a number of regular followers from all over who drop by.  I never thought anyone beyond my mom and a few close friends would ever care to visit. I've met a lot of lovely people over the years!

I mostly share fun finds, pictures of our two dogs, the chickens gardens and whatever loveliness I come across my daily routine.

 We have lived on our little five acres for nine years now. We have begun to put the land to use and grew a large garden last summer. That also meant canning and freezing a lot.

                               I have three young adult sons, at various stages of leaving the nest.

                   My husband is rather handy and built this coop last summer for our hens.

         These are the girls. Edie, Esme, Ella, Etta, Ethel and Ruth. They give us lovely brown eggs. Each has its own distinct personality. I could easily spend an afternoon happily watching them going about their business.

 Then we got a rooster. This is my youngest son with Mr Mister. He's a most handsome Chantecler rooster. An heritage breed originating from Quebec. They are supposed to be winter hardy. Well, one heritage breed deserves some hens so we got two hens for him and then saved the eggs from those hens which in turn hatched into 7 chicks! That makes sixteen birds now.  We've also raised meat birds twice now and will do it again this spring.

 Besides the outside which takes up a fair bit of our time, I have always been a collector of one thing or another. antique dolls are my first love. China heads in particular.  I've actually been paring down on things so many have gone into my Etsy shop and from there to other homes around the world.

 Buttons are always fun to find when out thrifting. No time is more relaxing spent sorting through a tin of  buttons. You just never know what you will find.  These are also great for creative projects.

 I love to find groups of things, Instant collections.  These are both practical and pleasing to the eye.

 Antique ephemera is a treasure destined for my own collage and assemblage work. Not much time for creating of late but as life allows, I have plenty of ideas for future pieces. I do still trade artist trading cards with my mom each month.

 On our property is a little stone creamery which has been turned into a wee shop. All vintage and antique stuff perfect for the creative person looking for something special for their own projects. It is only open from April to November as it is not heated.

My studio normally does not look this tidy! Here is a rare glimpse of it in an unnatural state of peace and order.

In my own art I love to use old toys and small antique items or unusual things to create assemblages, usually in shadow boxes. The piece above is made up of an old paper doll and small toys.

 This piece features my grandfather. I printed photos from different times in his life on transparency.

More work of mine. Old dolls, toys, natural elements and ephemera are my favourite items to use.

 Hop on over to 2 Bags Full to find a list of links to other blog participants. Vicki will keep the list of links up for the rest of the year.
Thank you so much for dropping by!


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