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Sunday, July 26, 2015

You Might Miss It If You Aren't Looking

       As seen while travelling, nestled away from the road, between two very modern  dwellings.

                                                 Almost stepped on this little fellow.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Perfect Day For Berry Picking

I was so looking forward to returning to the place we got organic blueberries last year. The long winter and late frost didn't help their crop any this season and it was by appointment only, for u-pick only. I made our appointment for today. Turned out, the weather was not on our side.

We left early, first heading to St Andrews for a good pile of tomato cages I found on Kijiji. The sky was very dark and that rain just poured down all the way from Prescott! Marty kept looking at me as if to say, "Seriously? We are really doing this?" I said it couldn't last forever. Things did indeed lighten up a bit on our way east.
Then to our appointment for berry picking. I am sure they were surprised we actually showed up. It wasn't raining too badly at that point.

We started with the black raspberries. Just LOOK at them!

 It was easy picking except for the mosquitoes. After a while you just give up and ignore them.

                                             I think I found the biggest berry in the patch!

                                                 Then we moved on to the blueberries.

 This is when the rain really came down. We made it to the end of the row when the thunder started moving closer.
It was time to move on to the currants.

 So, my dreams of getting more than last year weren't realised but we did get three baskets of blueberries again to tuck into the freezer. They have already been thoroughly washed by the rain so will need only a cursory rinsing.

                    Our currants and black raspberries. Aren't they beautiful?  Into jam and jelly for them.

 I love visiting the blueberry farm as the owners are lovely people and the layout is wonderful and the fruit is delicious! Looking forward to next year.

Did I mention it was Marty's birthday today? Yeah. He always wanted to pick berries in the rain. And today he got his wish (insert sarcastic tone here, but hey! Isn't that what makes for good memories?)
 We were soaked to the skin, by the time we were done, in spite of the raincoats. Good thing we are waterproof. It was a great outing, regardless of the weather.  Of course the sun was out when we got back home again.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Two Sweet Finds

 I was out and about the other day and came across two fun little finds. The first was this great box. How I love and antique box! You never know what's in it. Of course, it cannot be some sort of creepy thing, but this did not disappoint!

 Here it is after restoring it somewhat. The lid was off and the label was curled up inside under the contents.  I fixed all that, carefully.

                             Voila! An antique cake decorating set. Cool huh?!

                                                  I love the brass fittings.

                                           This wee key belongs to something special.

                                                             A small brass clock.

Monday, July 13, 2015

One Yard Sale to fill your car, and trailer, and then some.

 It was a super busy weekend but an early start means you have time for a single yard sale. thankfully it wasn't far away either. I was interested because it said canning jar, small tools- for hubby, and farm stuff, plus it said to be sure to look over the "Free pile." right there in the advert: free stuff.

While it was super hot out yesterday, I spent some time in the basement rearranging my jars. It was cool down there and now everything is in its place. Things I discovered: there is such a thing as a wide mouth quart jar and there are such beasts as 1.5 quart jars. Who knew?

 Al these plant pots were free. The clay ones came in a neat wooden crate. Bonus!

                We got a whole pile of electric fence stuff and some hardware cloth.

 A pump, some garden tools, a seeder, a big wash bucket, some plastic mesh which they had used as row cover in their own garden, a roll of copper screen. I LOVE copper screen! The green wooden framed screens were in the free pile too. :)

                                 A handy garden trolley. We have already put it to use.

                                                        A very deep, stainless sink.

And best of all, a 16 foot farm gate. I have ALWAYS wanted a farm gate! Cool huh?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Babies Day Out and a Butterfly Rescue

 Nice weather, perfect for a little adventure for the new chicks. While we weeded, mama and her wee ones worked very hard in the pathway.

 First order of business is a good bath! A dust bath, that is. The little ones didn't seem to interested. They caught some of the flying dirt! It this little brown hen could have, she would have been lolling about on her back! Just like people motherhood, the children are all over her in spite of her precious bath time.

 I discovered this lovely butterfly inside the bottom of the coop. It took some effort to find its way in there. Now it was trapped and wouldn't likely be able to find its way out. The chickens were curious but didn't eat it. Perhaps the wing damage is their fault.

 My six foot tall son, squooched down, under the coop, and was able to get it into a net to remove it from the coop.

                                                                          Lovely. Sad.

The hen was trying to give her little ones a tour of the yard. They covered a fair bit of ground and then it was time for bed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Just Another Busy Weekend

 I got to help out at the market last Saturday. The weather was perfect and there were lots of people. the morning passed quickly.
I brought home some mini heads of lettuce, red oak leaf, red romaine, and my new favourite, frisee lettuce. It looks like a little bundle of coral. Crisp and tasty.

                                  Fresh snow peas add colour and crunch to everything.

                                                           Sunflower sprouts.


                                              Aaron getting creative with a plate of sushi.

                                     My astilbe looking lovely against the Milkhouse wall.

 One yard sale, one good find: two large bins of canning jars and seals. Perfect timing.

                                        Two weeks ago I did some strawberry canning.

                                                       This weekend, it was peaches!

                          Things are fine in the nursery. Lots of clucking and scratching.

A third little chick has joined the group. Looks like that will be it. Not bad for our first "broodie" hen.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Very Busy Weekend

 It has been fun watching the mama hen look after her little one.  They both seem very happy. Still more eggs to hatch.

 Hubby brought home some organic strawberries from Wiseacres Farm, near Napanee.  It has been a dreadful year for berries with all the rain we have been getting. I am most grateful for these!  They sure were full of flavour, if not as large as normal.

 I tried my hand a sushi rolls this weekend too. With a variety of fillings, we had fun and enjoyed the eating too. I used seaweed salad, broccoli, avocado, and sweet potato. Everyone enjoyed them.
Of course there was also strawberry shortcake.

 I spent my time making strawberry rhubarb jam,

 strawberry lemon preserves, as well as regular jam, and some strawberries in vanilla sauce.

 We had a lot of rain, again, on Sunday. The dogs didn't care, They wanted to stay out and play.

                                       Baby chick number two hatched on Sunday as well.

 I was excited to find scapes on my garlic!  It seems to be doing very well.
I also spent Saturday morning at the market and it was great to see the regulars again.
I will try to remember to take pictures next weekend.

I came across this healthy looking fellow in my garden. He blends right in.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


 Look what I found under my broodie hen! A chick!  I kind of thought we had more time according to what I saw when we candled the eggs a few days ago.

 I thought this was a good time to move the mama into her own space. Well, one down and six more eggs to hopefully hatch.

Welcome to the world, little one. I hope you are a hen. It's hard to keep up with the demand for eggs nowadays.


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